Quick Start: Redfoot Humidity Guide

  • Humidity: 70 to 90 percent

Humidity in the form of moist air is incredibly important for your tortoise’s health, especially respiratory function, shell development, and vision.

But humidity is not the same as wet. Your tortoise needs both humid areas and a way to dry out to self-regulate. This prevents infection and shell rot.

The best way to keep the proper humidity range is to use a good substrate in conjunction with a humidifier on a timer. A mister on a timer will work well, too. Fresh water for drinking, soaking and toileting must always be available as well.

In a wild setting in their native home in South America, redfoots will experience many humid days and also some dry days, especially during the cool season. But near the ground where redfoots dwell, they can easily burrow into piles of leaves or decaying plant matter to find the humidity they need to stay healthy.

In the next section in this lesson, we will share Dani’s recommended products for producing and monitoring humidity inside your redfoot tortoise’s enclosure.

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