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redfoot tortoise care guide

The redfoot tortoise care guide you are about to delve into has been carefully curated to deliver the maximum information in the minimum amount of time.

Your redfoot tortoise cannot afford to wait for proper care and neither can you!

There is a TON of confusing and (frankly) conflicting information readily available online about the best husbandry for the tropical South American redfooted tortoise.

This “quick start” care guide is different. In this guide, you will get to learn from herpetologist and exotic animal specialist Danielle Inman, who has more than three decades of experience treating and caring for redfoot tortoises.

You will meet Danielle here shortly, but for now just know she is part of the Gulf Coast Avian & Exotics veterinary team recently featured on National Geographic’s Animal ER.

Danielle has the exotic animal veterinary knowledge and hands-on field experience you need to make sure your redfoot tortoise has all of their care needs met. I would know – she saved the life my redfoot tortoise, Malti!

So what else can you look forward to when you choose this redfoot tortoise care course?

As you will notice, each section begins with a quick start overview of the topic, followed by practical tips and product recommendations to get your redfoot tortoise husbandry (care) off to a good start.

We have also included seven high-value bonus sections on budgeting, shopping lists, books and online resources, how to find a qualified local redfoot tortoise veterinarian, redfoot food value ratios and more.

Ready to get started?

Use this handy drop down menu to navigate through all modules in sequence.

redfoot tortoise care guide
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