BONUS: Redfoot Tortoise Habitat Tours

Malti’s habitat setup has changed many, many, MANY times over the past six years.

The three short bonus videos you are about to view are definitely not meant to suggest that your redfoot tortoise setup should look exactly (or even at all) like mine.

But if you are brand-new to redfoot tortoise keeping and are even a smidgen as intimidated by enclosure setup as I was when I brought Malti home, perhaps seeing a  tour of what Malti has right now might give you some ideas….and some reassurance.

Remember, after hatchling-hood, an outdoor enclosure is always going to be better, safer and often easier. Temperature issues aside, you won’t have to worry about making sure your redfoot gets all-day access to the perfect blend of full-spectrum ultraviolet light – the sun takes care of that part.

And you don’t have to attempt to tortoise-proof your home or cope with the fact that no matter when or where you think your redfoot is going to potty next, it won’t be anywhere you’ve designated as the “approved tortoise bathroom area.” Trust me about this.

VIDEO 1: Take a tour of Malti’s secure outdoor overnight redfoot enclosure

This first video is the secure overnight enclosure I just described.  This is where I put Malti at night if we have heavy rains or cooler but still tolerable overnight weather in the forecast.

VIDEO 2:  Take a tour of Malti’s enclosed outdoor day play area

This second video takes you on a one-minute tour of the 200-square-foot secure outdoor day (and sometimes night) play area where Malti pretty much lives full-time now except for in winter.

VIDEO 3: Watch me plant a giant fern in Malti’s overnight enclosure!

Redfoot tortoises are very smart and very curious and very creative. This means new greenery can serve any number of purposes. This is also why most new greenery doesn’t last very long. While bigger can be better, it isn’t always. This “Macho Fern” is the largest fern I’ve ever seen. It took some effort to plant. And (spoiler alert) it didn’t have the staying power I hoped an $18 fern could deliver. But my girl is worth it. 🙂

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