Redfoot Tortoise Recommended Products: Diet

This list is not meant to suggest these are the “best” or “only” pre-packaged supplements, seed mixes, foods and treats that are suitable for redfoot tortoises.

Rather, I have put together this list just to give you a general idea of what types of prepared foods may work to supplement (not replace) your redfoot’s diet of natural whole foods as may be needed or desired.

When in doubt, always seek out the guidance of your exotic veterinary specialist.

Seed Mixes (to grow your own “edible garden”)

There are many seed mixes and seeds/seedlings available seasonally from online sources and local garden and nursery centers.

Here are two seed mixes from Carolina Pet Supply that I have personally used – I would say they were a success because Malti ate the seeds the moment they popped up above the soil.

Redfoot Tortoise Supplements

Calcium is the most important need growing hatchling and juvenile tortoises have. However, you don’t want to go crazy with it, either.

Also be aware different manufacturers may have different dosing guidelines for their products, so always read the product instructions carefully.

I also use a supplement called TNT (Total Nutrition for Tortoises) that I sprinkle over Malti’s food a few times each week. This is something you may want to ask your exotic veterinarian about.

Packaged/prepared Redfoot Tortoise Foods

Here are a few staple packaged/prepared foods that are safe and wholesome to add to your redfoot’s diet.

I am providing the direct link to the manufacturer’s website to give you the most complete information about each food item. But for price comparison purposes, you can typically find many of these products in local pet stores as well as online through Amazon, Chewy, etc.

You can also often find live edible plants such as spineless (Opuntia) cactus, hibiscus and seasonal organic produce (seeds, seedlings or plants) at local garden centers and home stores – just make sure to remove the fertilized soil and wash any non-organic plants carefully to remove any pesticide residue before planting.

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