BONUS: Feeding Your Redfoot Tortoise

Feeding a redfoot tortoise is typically never going to be the toughest part of a learning how to care for these wonderful animals.

Redfoot tortoises love to eat!

The bigger challenge will be keeping yourself from over-feeding, feeding the wrong foods and feeding too many treats. My Malti learned very quickly how to beg by doing  the things that seemed to reliably produce more of her culinary favorites. And she doesn’t just beg from me. Malti will beg from anyone she recognizes (my mom is a particular target because she lives to feed you – regardless of species).

In this short bonus video, I introduce some of the hands-down best staple foods to include in your redfoot tortoise’s weekly menu rotation. This is not to say these are the only dietary staples a redfoot can eat and be super-healthy, but they do offer a great place for you to start building your tortoise’s weekly meal plan.

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