7 Essentials of Redfoot Tortoise Care

Getting these essentials right simply cannot wait!

In this quick start redfoot tortoise care guide, you will learn about the absolute essentials your redfoot tortoise is relying on you to provide right from Day 1.

We chose the name “Quick Start Care Guide” for a reason. Everything in this course is designed to get you up and running QUICKLY.

Your redfoot tortoise cannot wait for proper full-spectrum ultraviolet lighting, the right amount of heat and humidity, an appropriate substrate (bedding), the right size habitat, proper diet and expert exotic animal veterinary care.

Every bit of the general redfoot tortoise husbandry information included here is designed to pair well with any personalized care guidance you receive from your exotic animal veterinary specialist.

These are the seven basic redfoot tortoise husbandry areas that need your immediate and urgent attention.

  1. Light (UV A/B)
  2. Heat Temperature
  3. Humidity
  4. Substrate
  5. Habitat
  6. Diet
  7. Veterinarian

Once you have a basic working knowledge of each area and how they all fit together, you can work together with your exotic animal veterinarian to fine-tune the details of your redfoot’s habitat, husbandry and overall care needs.

NOTE: This course is designed as a “quick start” guide – to get you up and running right away with the care basics that your redfoot tortoise will need you to provide. It is not designed to replace the careful in-depth husbandry (care) research and exotic animal veterinary specialist guidance required to adapt to changing care needs over time.

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